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Arch is a seamless, flexible, silicone band that fits around the midfoot,
heel and arch to provide essential support and stability while dancing.
Reduces over-stretching of the plantar fascia and Achilles and can help improve pointe work. Supports good body posture and alignment. An essential for all those who dance barefoot and those who want more arch support. May prevent injury and aid recovery. Minimal in its design, Arch can be worn barefoot or in combination with a Capezio Extend seamless soft ballet shoes, pointe shoes, or split sole shoes. When starting out, wear Arch for 30 minutes per session only and gradually increase the wear time to 2 hours. Available in black or pink.

100% Silicone
Helps Improve your Pointe and body posture.
Helps Provide proper Arch Support
May aid in preventing Plantar Fasciitis
Can secure your footwear
Provides s Sleeker Look
Follow FootUndeez sizing
Patent Pending
Recommended wear time is up to 2 consecutive hours. While acclimating to the product, muscle soreness may occur and will resolve as the product breaks in.


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This is just recommended sizing from the manufacturer and does not guarantee it will fit since the width and shape of ones foot may be different then the standard.