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Bodies In Motion's Frequently Asked Questions 

Please feel free to contact us via Live Chat, Facebook Messenger or email us with any other questions or comments at

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Please remember, our retail location and online store are separate and cannot access each other’s customer database and payment information.

In order to keep our prices competitively low online, our location prices may vary from the website.

After I submit an order online can it be changed?

Will the order ship the same day it is placed?

What if I need my order right away? Or have a cutoff date?

Is the product in stock if I can place it in my cart?

Do you Ship Internationally? Yes, We most certainly do! Please Be Aware! Your country's Customs department may levy additional fees, tariffs, or taxes on your order. We fill out all the appropriate paperwork, including the cost of goods sold. Please check with your country's Customs department to inquire about any potential fees for receiving International packages.

What if I do not see the Item I need on your website?

What forms of payment do you accept?

How does our Shipping rates work? 

Important note involving debit and credit card transactions:

Can I use a tax-exempt form?

What are the differences between an online store and a retail location?

What does it mean if an item I’ve purchased is on back order?

What happens if my order shows that it was delivered but I haven’t received it yet?

Gift Cards and how do they work on our site